An qui volutpat partiendo gloriatur

The social economy remains untapped, while education in social economy is still largely absent, or remains theoretical, failing to connect students with their communities and real-world learning experiences. optimizeWe want to create an educational programme on social economy and community development that brings together social economy educators/professors, students and social economy organisations/initiatives. We want to apply innovative educational methods and design this programme through real co-creation.

To do this we need your insights! We need your ideas! Help us reach the full potential. 

With your contributions we will develop innovative teaching methods for Social Economy study programmes. We are particularly interested in a specific methodology, which is inspired by the Living Labs approach, with the aim to construct our unique Social Economy Living Labs (SELLs).

If you are a professor/education in social economy, or a student, or someone who would be interested in studying social economy, or a social economy organisation/initiative and you wish to join us in this effort please fill in the respective questionnaire following the right link below.

Estimated time to complete the survey 20 minutes

Educators,  trainers:


SE organisations:


Thank you for your participation and for helping us design innovative, co-teaching/co-learning approaches in the SE area. Your opinion matters!